Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools

Evaluation tools are compelling for identifying personality and behavior profiles according to individual characteristics, values, and motivations. The tools I use are the most recognized for their professional rigor and their validity in the industry.
All assessments can be managed independently of coaching programs.

Connective Leadership

The Connective Leader is an assessment that reveals a leadership profile based on the values that explain human behavior. It depicts what appeals to you, what situations it triggers and where there are opportunities for significant personal development.

Hogan Insight & Leadership Forecast Series

These two types of Hogan assessments identify personality values, motivations, strengths, and challenges. They are highly useful to accompany most of the of coaching and talent development processes.

The Agile Leader

The agile leader is the assessment that analyzes the set of business competencies and behaviors needed to face the new demands driven by the digitization of products, processes, and business models that help leaders thrive in environments increasingly volatile.

Hofstede – The Culture Compass

It is an analytical tool that provides critical information about the importance of culture in people’s behavior. Based on a Six-Dimensional model, the tool offers personalized data on professional ability and personal preferences. It is useful for understanding the impact of cultural trends and anticipating potential behavioral challenges while working with others.